Say Cheese


A glorious product I’m enjoying right now is the Seahive Cheese put out by the good folks of the Beehive Cheese Company.  I am a lifelong cheese fan, through and through, but my favorites seem to lean towards types with smooth, subtle flavors.  The Seahive fits this bill.  It’s like a very mild white cheddar made with real sea salt and wildflower honey, a little too fancy for every day eating but a nice occasional treat.  It pairs well with apples and for a more desert cheese experience, it’s wonderful to drizzle extra honey on top and eat with salty crackers.

Don’t Say Cheese


This is the best I can do.

So, my small point and shoot camera has taken one too many tumbles and I’m afraid I’ve tried all the tricks on which was last updated in 2007.  These are a few signs that it might be time for an upgrade.  If you have any suggestions about what to buy and where, please feel free to share.  My last camera purchases were driven by what was on sale at Costco.  My requirements are that it is easy to use and not very big.

Compulsion Confession


I can’t stop taking pictures of flowers.  I do it everywhere I go-home, beach visits, hikes, and last Sunday, Easter Brunch.  Please enjoy these few.  They are in the middle garden of the Grand America right now.  There will be more to come, please be warned.  I had only planted tulips in our small condo yard, so last year I introduced a wider variety of crocuses and mini daffodils.  They are all in full bloom right now and this broken camera is KILLING ME.  The crocuses make me so happy; they are such a unique shade of yellow, like a bright egg yolk infused by the sun.  They are also early bloomers and low to the ground like happy little punctuation marks on the earth.

Earth Day


Have you had a peek at Google today?  Might be one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen.  I celebrated the day by crafting with materials found around the house.  A friend passed along this recipe for Organic Calming Playdoh not having tried it herself.  It’s easy, the ingredients and instructions are straightforward.  It makes four cups which is a lot for my daughter so I quartered the recipe.  Maybe my math was off but this turned out to be a gooey blob more appropriate for the compost bin than a toddlers meddling fingers.

Peace Out,





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